We’ve switched to biennial data gathering for the city profiles — The data available here was collected in early 2022 and originally published in last year’s Canadian City Parks Report.
City Profile
Population: 266,141
  • Saskatoon has nearly twice the average number of community gardens relative to population, at over 11 community gardens per 100,000 people.
  • Saskatoon is one of 67% of cities with a climate change action plan that includes parks.
  • Saskatoon is one of 90% of cities with a community grant program that can be used to fund park projects.
  • Parks Canada is working with the city to consider incorporating the beloved Meewasin Valley into a national urban park. This partnership would support the stewardship of the river valley, draw tourist attention to the region, and increase Indigenous involvement in the space.
  • Saskatoon performed prescribed fires in several city parks last year. This practice works to “replicate the natural renewal process of grasslands, reduce the risk of wildfire and enhance habitat for wildlife” and is carried out in many urban parks across the country.
  • The city is investing in climate-resilient infrastructure in parks by developing a dry storm pond in Churchill Park. When dry, the pond functions as a recreational space, but captures excess rainfall during extreme weather events, slowly releasing it back into the storm sewer system to prevent flooding.
of total city land is parkland

23,633 ha of total city area

Parkland provision goal (distance to park / ha per 1000 people)
Community Grant Programs
Various grant opportunities
Various grant opportunities
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