We’ve switched to biennial data gathering for the city profiles — The data available here was collected in early 2022 and originally published in last year’s Canadian City Parks Report.
City Profile
Population: 143,740
  • Guelph has the highest number of volunteers relative to population at nearly 15 volunteers per thousand people.
  • Guelph has the second highest number of dog parks relative to population size, or over 3 times the average, at 35 dog parks per 100,000 people.
  • Guelph is one of 20% of cities with a biodiversity strategy.
Change in parkland totals from 2021 due to refinements in data reporting.
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ha of parks & green space / 1000 people

989 ha total

of total city land is parkland

8,930 ha of total city area

51 additional portable washrooms available in parks during the summer. 13 additional portable washrooms available in parks during the winter.
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Public washrooms
Public washrooms

Total number of permanent public washrooms in parks that are open year-round or seasonally. Excludes portable toilets.

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0 winterized public washrooms

These represent citywide service levels. An additional 1.3 ha/1000 people beyond the 2.0ha/1000 is encouraged.
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Parkland provision goal (distance to park / ha per 1000 people)

2.0 ha/1000 people 5-10 min walk

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Thirty-five cities participated in this year's report and we hope more will join us next year.
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