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In 2023, urban green spaces enhanced the livability of our cities. Parks serve as essential havens for physical activity, mental well-being, social cohesion, and connecting with nature in communities across Canada.

City parks stand as sanctuaries, nurturing crucial bonds with nature and championing urban biodiversity. The Canadian City Parks Report is an invaluable resource, shedding light on the state of these precious spaces while emphasizing the profound impact of urban biodiversity on our overall well-being.

At the Weston Family Foundation, restoring and protecting biodiversity lies at the core of our mission to enhance and enrich the lives of Canadians. Biodiverse ecosystems act as nature's resilient shield against climate change and safeguarding them demands a profound connection with the natural world. Urban parks, as more people migrate to cities, offer an unparalleled opportunity to advance biodiversity and climate resilience while fostering a deeper human-nature relationship.

Thank you to the Park People team for their dedicated efforts in crafting this pivotal resource for park planners and park professionals. The Foundation proudly supports this research and celebrates Park People's commitment to promoting equity, inclusivity, and fostering strong bonds with urban parks across Canada. We extend our sincere appreciation to the numerous municipal staff and park professionals whose invaluable contributions brought this report to life—a powerful tool that shares best practices and fosters dialogues to elevate our parks and cities to new heights.

Together, we are witnessing an inspiring wave of commitment from volunteers, staff, and city leaders to enhance parks and greenspaces in our cities. As parks thrive, they become true champions for all communities, nurturing our collective well-being and pointing the way to a brighter, greener future.


Garfield Mitchell
Chair, The Weston Family Foundation

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