A report this size is a team effort.

First, huge thanks to the dozens of city staff that worked with us to compile city data, answer our questions, and respond to interview requests. We know this takes a tremendous amount of work and this report is not possible without you.

Project Manager: Adri Stark
Managing Editor: Jake Tobin Garrett
Authors: Adri Stark, Jake Tobin Garrett, Lexi Kinman
Project Coordinator: Jessica Ng
Quebec Research Support: Rachel Yanchyshyn, Sabine Malisani
Database Specialist: Eliesha Richardson
Sponsor and Partnership Development: Lexi Kinman, Michelle Cutts
French Translation: Jennifer Ocquidant, Rami Battika
Communications: Clémence Marcastel, Lucie Choulet
French Copy-editing: Clémence Marcastel
In-House Experts and Reviewers: Dave Harvey, Jodi Lastman, Laura Smith, Mash Salehomoum, Natalie Brown, Sarah Munro, Wesley Reibeling
Design: Hypenotic

We’d also like to thank the park professionals, community members, non-profit staff, and academic researchers who provided their time and expertise to contribute to the report.

We would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to the Weston Family Foundation for their leadership in supporting the creation of this report in 2019 and its publication for the last five years.

We would also like to thank Mohari and Alberta Real Estate Foundation for their support.

Lastly, but not least, thank you to the entire Park People team for their support and input.


Made possible through the generous support of:


Thanks to our partners:

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