We’ve switched to biennial data gathering for the city profiles — The data available here was collected in early 2022 and originally published in last year’s Canadian City Parks Report.
City Profile
Population: 1,017,449
  • Ottawa is one of 53% of cities with a park system master plan updated within the last 10 years.
  • Ottawa has the third highest number of volunteers relative to population at nearly 11 volunteers per thousand people.
  • Ottawa is one of 67% of cities with a climate change action plan that includes parks.
  • The city approved its new Parks and Recreation Facilities Master Plan, which will guide parkland acquisition and improvements through to 2031 to ensure the city’s parkland meets the needs of a growing population.
  • The city is working to rename six public parks and facilities to honour prominent figures. Residents are asked to provide input on the process through a public survey.
  • The National Capital Commission is introducing a series of projects to encourage Ottawans to get outdoors in 2022, including quadrupling the amount of time people can walk, wheel, bike or run on closed parkways, a beloved pilot initiative spurred by the pandemic.
of total city land is parkland

279,600 ha of total city area

Dogs are allowed off-leash in many Ottawa parks. See the city's Dogs in Parks Designation Policy for more details.
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Dog parks
Off-leash dog areas

Includes both standalone dog parks and off-leash dog areas within parks.

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Parkland provision goal (distance to park / ha per 1000 people)

2 ha per 1000 people, and: a) Within a 5-minute safe walking distance (400 metres) of a public green space providing space for passive or active recreation b) Within a 10-minute safe walking distance (800 metres) of two green public spaces c) Within a 15-minute trip by transit, a publicly-owned natural area.

Nearly 10,000 volunteers are participants in the Cleaning the Capital event.
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Volunteers / 1000 people

11,000 total park volunteers

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