We’ve switched to biennial data gathering for the city profiles — The data available here was collected in early 2022 and originally published in last year’s Canadian City Parks Report.
City Profile
Prince Edward Island
Population: 38,809
  • Charlottetown has the second highest number of community gardens relative to population size, or over twice the average, with more than 15 community gardens per 100,000 people.
  • Charlottetown has the fourth highest number of park washrooms relative to population size, or twice the average, at nearly 26 washrooms per 100,000 people.
  • Charlottetown is one of 70% of cities with a community park group program.
  • One of Charlottetown’s largest green spaces, Wright’s Creek and Andrew’s Pond, will be enhanced thanks to a donation of 2.7 hectares of land to the city in 2019, and another 4.9 hectares to Holland College in 2021 to be co-managed with the city. The donated land, valued at $2.6 million, includes old growth Acadian forest and walking trails.
  • Last summer the city offered free, guided forest bathing walks through the urban forest in Victoria Park—a new program developed in response to increased interest in opportunities for de-stressing and nature connection during the pandemic.
  • A decommissioned sewage lagoon is being converted to a new park in Charlottetown’s East Royalty neighbourhood.
of total city land is parkland

4,433 ha of total city area

5 minute walk
Parkland provision goal (distance to park / ha per 1000 people)
Community Park Group Programs
Community Garden Program
Community Garden Program
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