of Canadians said that since the pandemic began they have become more interested in getting involved in stewardship activities in their city, such as tending a community garden or assisting with invasive species removal.
of cities reported that interest in volunteer activities, such as natural stewardship, was staying the same, while 43% said it was increasing.
of Canadians do not feel that they have a voice or the ability to influence what goes on in their local parks, compared to 34% that said they did and the remaining unsure.
$6 million
was raised in private funding for parks (e.g., philanthropy and sponsorships) by the 12 cities in the report that provided numbers.
# volunteers / 1000 people

This chart shows the amount of volunteers engaged in city parks programs per 1,000 residents. Compared to last year, the average number of volunteers dropped significantly from 11.6 to 2.7 volunteers per 1,000 people. This shows the impact that COVID-19 restrictions had on volunteer opportunities. However, we expect these numbers to rebound post-pandemic with 58% of Canadians saying they have become more interested in park volunteering due to the pandemic.

Data not available for Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Surrey, Quebec City, Halifax, Gatineau, Saskatoon, Longueuil, Regina, Guelph, Township of Langley, Kingston, Thunder Bay, and Charlottetown.
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