The 2021 Canadian City Parks Report

Centring Equity & Resilience

How parks can help create more equitable, resilient cities—not only as we recover from COVID-19, but as we address another looming crisis: climate change.

Table of
City Data

Want to know what your city has been up to in parks this year? We crunched the data to create custom profiles for our 32 participating cities, including amount of park space, spending, strategies in place, and more.

Report Sections

We've structured the report around five themes so that you can find the data and stories that speak to you.

Exploring the impacts of climate change and how parks can be a part of creating more equitable and climate resilient cities.
Diving deep into the intersection of race and parks in Canadian cities to shift perspectives on park stewardship and leadership.
Expanding the conversation about public health and parks within a COVID-19 context and beyond, with a focus on redefining park access.
Showcasing the power of parks when we work in partnership, whether through financial support or by lending a hand.
Highlighting new and unique ways cities and communities are activating parks across the country to support COVID-19 recovery, bring people together, and boost local economies.