City Profile
Quebec City

Population: 550,326

  • Quebec City is above average for percentage of parkland that is natural area at 62%.
  • Quebec City meets the average for hectares of parkland relative to population for cities over 500,000 with 4.3 hectares of parkland per thousand.
  • Quebec City is one of 50% of cities that have a policy to waive permit fees for groups that show financial need.
  • The city presented plans for their new parc des Grandes Rivières de Québec, which will integrate and enhance spaces adjacent to several rivers in the city to create a 30km2 naturalized park with recreation, culture and heritage programming, as well as environmental protection.
  • To accommodate responsible outdoor gatherings and reduce social isolation, Quebec City allowed the use of barbeques and alcohol consumption (if accompanied by a meal) in select parks and green spaces.
  • Quebec City was one of seven Quebec municipalities that created artificial snow this winter, including on toboggan hills, to keep the outdoor fun going regardless of the weather.
2021 Data




of total parkland is natural area

1452 total ha


of total city land is parkland

45,428 ha of total city area


dog parks


Community gardens/urban farms

5-10 min. walk

Parkland provision goal (distance to park / ha per 1000 people)

Percentage of residents who have access to a public space (or to a natural area) within 5-10 min. walk from home (400 et 800 m).


Policy to waive permit fees for groups with financial need.



Parks operating budget per person

$10,800,000 total



Total parks capital budget


Provincially legislated tools available for parkland dedication, acquisition and/or development

10% of the development site or cash-in-lieu

¹Proposed budget for "la Division du plein air et de l'animation urbaine du Service des loisirs, des sports et de la vie communautaire." ²Increase from 2020 related to improvement in data reporting.

Community grant program
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