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A Park People Project!
The 2022 Canadian City Parks Report

Nurturing Relationships & Reciprocity

How collaboration, mindfulness, and power-sharing in parks can help nurture and repair relationships between ourselves, our communities, and the wider natural world.

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Whether you want just the key insights, to explore the data, or to learn from inspiring projects across the country, we've got you covered. Happy exploring!
Want to read up on the latest national trends in parks or learn about what's happening in your own city? We crunched the numbers from our public survey of over 3,000 residents of Canadian cities and data from 30 municipalities to showcase Canada-wide trends and challenges.
We've pulled key highlights from the report. Something catch your eye? Jump right in.
We spoke with dozens of experts including city staff, community leaders, academics and more to bring you stories that will both inspire and challenge you to think differently about nature connection, decolonization, power-sharing, houselessness, and park funding.
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The only report tracking the key trends and challenges facing city parks across Canada.
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