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Throughout the pandemic, city residents have turned to parks for a diverse range of activities like eating meals, hanging out with friends, and getting exercise in all seasons. As parks have increasingly become a destination for social outings, city residents are asking for more relaxed by-laws around alcohol consumption, with 59% of municipalities reporting they’ve noticed increased interest in drinking in parks over the past year. Another area where park planning has not yet caught up to new demands is winterized washrooms—with only 43% of washrooms open year-round, supply lags behind demand despite the increased use of parks we’ve seen during the past two winter seasons.

of city residents said they tried a new activity in parks during the pandemic, such as more regular walks, visiting natural areas, socializing with friends/family, and eating meals, and they’re still doing these activities regularly.
of cities reported having a community grant program in place that can be used for parks.
of city residents said that parks have had a positive impact on their social well-being and their connection to their neighbourhood or community (74%) over the past year. This is an increase of 8% and 4%, respectively, compared to 2021 data.
of city residents said they wanted to see more year-round public washrooms in parks. On average, only 43% of cities’ park washrooms are winterized.
of city residents agree that people should be allowed to consume alcohol in parks, with 34% in disagreement, and the remaining either unsure or neutral.
of city residents said they wanted to see increased access to winter recreation activities in parks.
of city residents said their winter park use increased over the past year compared to previous seasons. In 2021, half of city residents spent more time outdoors during winter.
Washrooms / 100,000 people
+ winterized washrooms

Interest in winter park use has steadily increased over the past several years; however, the provision of winterized washroom facilities in parks has lagged behind. On average, only 43% of park washrooms are open year-round. In fact, 69% of survey respondents indicated that they would like to see more year-round public washrooms in parks—this was the most highly requested amenity.

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