of cities have park system master plans approved within the last ten years.
$441 million
million total budgeted for capital parks spending in 2020.
Ha of parkland / 1000 people
This chart shows the amount of parkland for every 1,000 residents. While there is no “correct” amount of parkland per population as it depends on local context, Canada’s major urban centres have similarly lower levels of parkland per population as they deal with higher densities and development pressures. Ensuring these numbers do not decrease as populations grow will be key to meeting future parkland needs.
$ in operating budget/person
As with parkland per population, there is no “correct” operating budget amount. Tracking dollars spent per person over time helps shed light on whether budgets are keeping pace with population growth, which puts additional pressures on park systems. Already cities reported insufficient budgets as a top challenge two years running. Average operating budgets remained consistent with what was reported in 2019; however, COVID-19 impacts on 2020 budgets have not been reported yet and will inform the basis of analysis in the 2021 report.
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