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British Columbia
Population: 646700

  • Vancouver is one of 19% of cities with a standalone biodiversity strategy, one of two cities with a bird strategy, and one of 63% with a citywide park system master plan updated within the last 10 years.
  • At 2 hectares of parkland per 1,000 people, Vancouver sits in line with other dense cities such as Montreal and Toronto.
  • At 110 groups, Vancouver reported the most park groups of all cities.
  • In 2019, Vancouver released the final report comprising VanPlay—the city’s park master plan that lays out a 25-year vision for parks that prioritizes equity, asset needs, and connectivity.
  • The city is investing $4.5 million in upgrading 7 playgrounds, with a focus on risky play and social spaces for all ages.
  • Vancouver has started construction on a new $13.8 million downtown park with an elevated walkway and cafe.
Data 2020


ha parkland per 1000 people

1262 ha total parkland


of total parkland is natural area

482 total ha


of total city land is parkland

11497 ha of total city area


Dog parks


Community gardens/urban farms


Parkland provision goal (ha per 1000 people)¹


volunteers per 1000 people

1400 total


community park groups


Policy to waive permit fees for groups with financial need?


Community park group program

Park Stewardship Program

Neighbourhood Matching Fund

Community grant program


Parks operating budget per person

$52,800,000 total²


Total parks capital budget


Total philanthropy/sponsorships

¹This is a citywide target. How this applies to neighbhourhoods and communities is determined using the Parks Asset Target in VanPlay. ²Increase from 2019 due to improvements in data reporting.

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