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Quebec City
Quebec City

Population: 542298

  • At 62%, Quebec City is above average in ratio of parkland that is natural area.
  • Quebec City is one of 52% of cities with a policy to waive permit fees for financial need.
  • Quebec City is one of 77% of cities that reported having at least one park partnership in place with a non-profit.
  • Through a purchase of four waterfront lots and negotiations with a golf course, Quebec City is on its way to developing a large park along the Montmorency River as part of its plan to improve riverfront green space connections.
  • The city has budgeted $105,000 for the design and construction of the new Parc de la Rivière-Jaune, addressing a gap in a neighbourhood lacking park access.
  • Guided by its public art strategy, the city is supporting cultural mediation projects that involve collaboration between professional artists and residents to create public art.
Data 2020


ha parkland per 1000 people

2350 ha total parkland


of total parkland is natural area

1452 total ha


of total city land is parkland

45428 ha of total city area


Dog parks


Community gardens/urban farms

500 - 1000 m

Parkland provision goal (distance to park)

Neighbourhood park: 500m Community park: 1000m


Policy to waive permit fees for groups with financial need?

Places éphémères

Community grant program


Parks operating budget per person

$10,400,000 total


Total parks capital budget


Total philanthropy/sponsorships


Provincially legislated tools available for parkland development

10% of development site or cash-in-lieu

¹2017 population

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