City Profile

Population: 777200

  • With 15 volunteers per 100,000 residents, Mississauga has almost double the median of 8.
  • Mississauga is one of 63% of cities with a citywide park system master plan updated within the last 10 years.
  • Mississauga is one of about a quarter of cities that offer a formal park volunteer program, a grant program, and a policy to waive permit fees for groups showing financial need.
  • New nearly 3.6-hectare Saigon Park opening in 2020 honours Vietnamese culture and history, and also contains stormwater management facilities.
  • The city launched a beach mat pilot project in June 2019 to improve accessibility at two of the City's popular beaches in Jack Darling Memorial Park and Lakefront Promenade Park.
  • Guided by the city’s Smart Cities Master Plan, the iParks pilot project will build nine Mississauga parks with Wi-Fi, allowing for digital screens, smart furniture, and more.
Data 2020


ha parkland per 1000 people

2912 ha of total parkland


of total parkland is natural area

1113 total ha


of total city land is parkland

29243 ha of total city area


Dog parks


Community gardens/urban farms


Parkland provision goal (ha per 1000 people)

Distance to Tableland park: 800 m Distance to Downtown park: 400-800 m


volunteers per 1000 people

11,640 total


community park groups


Policy to waive permit fees for groups with financial need?


Parks operating budget per person

$34,500,000 total


Total parks capital budget


Total philanthropy/sponsorships


Provincially legislated tools available for parkland development

Community Benefits Charge¹

¹This tool was introduced in 2019 and is still under review. Previous Provincial legislation allowed 5% of development site or cash-in-lieu. The City of Mississauga has a policy in place to designate ESAs, however the data for ESAs within the municipal parks system is unavailable.

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