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Nova Scotia
Population: 430512

  • At 77%, Halifax has the highest ratio of parkland that is natural area.
  • Halifax is above average in parkland per population, at nearly 13 hectares per 1,000 people.
  • Halifax is one of 63% of cities with a citywide park system master plan updated within the last 10 years.
  • The new 152-hectare Shaw Wilderness Park is coming to Halifax, funded by all three levels of government plus private donations.
  • Halifax is developing a playing field strategy to better understand usage and inventory requirements, and to create field quality standards.
  • Accessibility audits in Halifax parks are planned within the 2020-2021 Business Plan.
Data 2020


ha parkland per 1000 people

5425 ha of total parkland


of total parkland is natural area

4185 total ha²


of total city land is parkland

592700 ha of total city area


Dog parks


Community gardens/urban farms


community park groups


Policy to waive permit fees for groups with financial need?


Parks operating budget per person

$17,415,672 total⁵


Total parks capital budget


Provincially legislated tools available for parkland development

10% of development site or cash-in-lieu

¹Source: 2018 Statistics Canada, Annual Demographic Estimates ²Includes natural areas within all parks greater than 3 hectares. Increase from 2019 due to improvements in data collection—last year only natural areas within parks over 50 hectares had been parsed. ³Halifax Regional Municipality is ~5930 km2, where ~75% of the area is unsettled, containing vast areas of crown land and lakes, which yields a very small percentage of parkland. ⁴Includes dedicated and seasonal off-leash areas. ⁵Decrease from 2019 due to last year's budgets including indoor recreation facilities, whereas these budgets are parks-specific.

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