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Population: 972223

  • Edmonton is one of a third of cities with an off-leash dog park plan.
  • With nearly 8 community gardens per 100,000 people, Edmonton is above the median of 5.
  • Edmonton is one of 56% of cities that offers a community park group program.
  • Edmonton is piloting driverless electric lawn mowers that are programmable, self docking and will potentially run on solar power, as well as autonomous snow blowers.
  • In winter 2020, the annual Flying Canoë Volant Festival celebrating Métis and francophone culture saw participants fly down Gallagher Park’s hill in canoes as part of a “Canadian triathlon” that also involved log-sawing and axe-throwing.
  • In May 2020, reopening dog parks was one of the first steps Edmonton took in easing its COVID-19 restrictions.
Data 2020


ha parkland per 1000 people

6177 ha of total parkland


of total parkland is natural area

1856 total ha


of parkland is environmentally significant/protected

130 total ha


of total city land is parkland

78310 ha of total city area


Dog parks


Community gardens/urban farms

500 m

Parkland provision goal (distance to park)

or a 10 minute walk


volunteers per 1000 people

6106 total


community park groups


Policy to waive permit fees for groups with financial need?

Partners in Parks

Community park group program


Parks operating budget per person

$40,830,079 total


Total parks capital budget¹


Total philanthropy/sponsorships


Provincially legislated tools available for parkland development

10% of development site or cash-in-lieu

¹ Excludes staff salaries/wages.

Edmonton underwent a municipal annexation in 2019. The city also experienced a heavy rain year, which led to $1.8 million overspent on turf operations.

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